Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora (BUDPR) is a national advocacy organization of Puerto Ricans in the United States working toward a free, just, and prosperous future for Puerto Rico. Since 2017, its members have worked together to build bridges between Puerto Rican community leaders and federal lawmakers, educate for structural change and long-term economic development, and mobilize the Puerto Rican diaspora to pursue decolonization. We are incorporated as a 501(c)(4) organization called BUDPR Action.

BUDPR is the only national nonpartisan organization that explicitly supports independence for Puerto Rico and that is engaging with U.S. political leaders to advocate for our nation's sovereignty.

We pursue that mission in three ways:


Our work raises awareness of Puerto Rico's colonial status in the United States, both among the strong Puerto Rican diaspora and among the millions of American allies who believe in social, racial, and political justice for Puerto Rico. Through in-person and virtual events, educational resources on decolonization, media commentary, and social media campaigns, we elevate understanding of Puerto Rico's unjust political condition, the necessity and righteousness of independence, and the need for all of us to take action to liberate the world's oldest colony.


There are nearly six million Puerto Ricans in the United States who deserve a voice in our nation's future and who have the ability to effect political change to free Puerto Rico. We're building a network of these Puerto Rican leaders and professionals  who are ready to contribute to the cause of decolonization. By creating connections among boricuas in the diaspora—and with our fellow Puerto Ricans back home—we are building people power for a movement that needs people of conscience everywhere to rise up, raise their voices, and do the work.


BUDPR meets regularly with state and federal lawmakers in the United States to press them on decolonization, including by advocating for (and sometimes against!) Puerto Rico status legislation in Congress. While decolonization is our primary goal, we also work on other issues that affect Puerto Ricans' every day lives, like the housing crisis, energy independence, and environmental justice. We bring a decolonial lens to these issues and advocate for the U.S. government to fulfill their responsibilities to Puerto Rico now, as well as their larger responsibility to free our nation and our people.

Who We Are

Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Unlike supporters of other status options for Puerto Rico, we are not paid lobbyists—in fact, we are not paid at all. We rely on the commitment of our leaders and collaborators to do this work, and every single cent of philanthropic support we receive goes toward our efforts.

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