Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora hosts in-person and virtual forums, panels, and other opportunities to learn about Puerto Rican decolonization and other critical issues affecting our homeland. Check below for any upcoming events, or see past events here.

  • Join Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora and the Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America for a panel exploring the intersections of the Puerto Rican and Palestinian struggles for independence and anti-colonialism. Featuring:

    • Dr. Margaret Power: Historian and author of "Solidarity Across the Americas: The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party vs. U.S. Colonialism"
    • Daniela Velázquez: St. Louis City's first-even Latina elected official and our very own Puerto Rican Alderwoman, serving the city's 6th Ward
    • Dr. Sara Awartani: Historian and author of "Solidarities of Liberation, Visions of Empire: Puerto Rico, Palestine, and American Global power"