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The Case for Puerto Rican Independence

Current Affairs | April 4, 2024
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR President

The United States’ 125-year-old colony deserves independence, and Americans must dispense with the notion that it’s not their place to take a stand on Puerto Rico’s political status.  Read More

Puerto Rico's New Leftist Alliance Poses a Threat to US Imperialism

NACLA | December 19, 2023
By Jenaro Abraham, BUDPR Collaborator

The Puerto Rican Independence Party’s (PIP) latest assembly marks a turning point in electoral strategy and a challenge to the colonial paradigms that have long held the archipelago hostage.  Read More

Tax cheats are taking advantage of Puerto Rico — the US government can stop them

The Hill | November 21, 2023
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR President

Billionaires are turning an already vulnerable nation into an exploited tax haven, adding insult to the ongoing colonial injury of Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States.  Read More

It's time for Americans to take a stand on Puerto Rico's status

Center for Cooperative Media | September 13, 2023
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR President

As long as it keeps Puerto Rico under political subordination, the United States is an empire. If that’s to change anytime soon, Americans will have to take up a political and moral responsibility they have neglected.  Read More

A Dreadful Anniversary: Puerto Rico Has Been a U.S. Colony for 125 Years Now

The New Republic | July 25, 2023
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR President

Why the independence movement, not statehood, is the future of the island’s liberation.  Read More

La fuerza de la diáspora para mover al Congreso

El Nuevo Día | 1 de abril de 2023
Por Luis Ponce Ruiz, Presidente de BUDPR

El potencial estratégico de la Diáspora está ahí para mover la balanza en el Congreso. El momento de activarnos, no importa dónde estemos, de reclamar por un nuevo Puerto Rico, libre, democrático y próspero es ahora.  Lee Más

69 Years After Puerto Ricans Attacked Congress, Colonialism Remains the Most Violent Conspiracy

Latino Rebels | March 1, 2023
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR Collaborator

The Puerto Rican nationalists who attacked Congress turned to violence because they foresaw the continued U.S. domination of Puerto Rico and the failure of peaceful, political means to achieve decolonization. The last 70 years have, unfortunately, proven them right.  Read More

Puerto Rico cannot prosper, or heal, as long as it remains a U.S. colony

The Seattle Times | September 23, 2022
By Jenaro Abraham, BUDPR Collaborator

The only option moving forward for Puerto Ricans must be a decolonization process with reparations, in service of a transition toward independence.  Read More

Let Puerto Ricans Choose Their Fate—and Give the U.S. Congress a Deadline to Accept It

The New Republic | July 20, 2022
By Alberto Medina, BUDPR Collaborator

The Puerto Rico Status Act, well-intentioned as it may be, will not do the trick. Let’s instead start to imagine a process that takes into account the political reality, and that actually has a chance to redress this shameful, long-standing injustice.  Read More

The Economic Case for Freeing Puerto Rico

Latino Rebels | March 4, 2022
By Javier Hernández & Alberto Medina, BUDPR Collaborators

Outside of the colonial model, the opportunities for real economic growth and development for Puerto Rico are there. It’s time to reframe the discussion about Puerto Rico’s status on both the island and the United States.  Read More


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