Juan Dalmau: The Colony and the Hope for a Country that Is Indeed Possible - Diaspórica: El Podcast

In this episode, co-produced by BUDPR and Diaspórica: El Podcast, Puerto Rican Independence leader Juan Dalmau shares insights from his journey to political leadership and his vision for a free Puerto Rico.

Official episode description:

In our 2nd episode of the season, Juan Dalmau Ramirez, the Secretary of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), discusses: How is the Puerto Rican identity unique and distinctive from that of Americans? How is the US Congress paralyzed around the issue of Puerto Rico's status? How US progressives support for statehood is rooted in the racist and patronizing idea Puerto Rico is incapable of managing its own destiny? How the political climate in Puerto Rico is favoring pro independence & Puerto Rican progressive candidates? How is the pro statehood party (PNP) in Puerto Rico suppressing the vote?