Going deeper: Reps. Nydia Velázquez and Ocasio-Cortez insist Puerto Rico self determination is the only way


Joined by 52 co-sponsors, a bill by Rep. Soto and Gonzalez-Colón would have Congress accept the non-binding referendum’s results. If passed, the next step would be to hold a ratification vote by the people of Puerto Rico to accept admission into the United States. 


The White House appears to be leaning toward a sort of self-determination. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a reporter's questions on March 3 saying Biden “supports a referendum in Puerto Rico, for the people of Puerto Rico deciding the path forward.”

Like the Self-Determination Act, the statehood bill is not without its share of criticisms. 

“Self-determination for Puerto Rico is the only progressive and morally responsible position on the Island’s future. After over a century of colonial rule by the United States, we must let the people of Puerto Rico decide their future. @RepAOC,” Rep. Nydia Velazqauez wrote one day after the statehood bill was revealed.

“This is not political football,” she added. 


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