Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Call for Reversal of Puerto Rico Austerity Measures


Thirteen members of Congress signed a letter demanding that the Puerto Rico fiscal oversight board, known as “la junta,” disclose its conflicts of interest.


This isn’t Sanders or Ocasio Cortez’s first foray into Puerto Rico issues. Sanders has introduced a “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico’s recovery. And Ocasio-Cortez has called for a full audit and cancellation of the debt, as well as the abolition of the junta.

Congressional intervention has been meaningful in the past. This past winter, after years of pressure from activists, the board took a half-measure in the direction of its demands, declaring $6 billion in bonds illegal. But months went by without any corresponding action penalizing the banks involved. After members of Congress sent the board a letter, a series of lawsuits were filed.


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