Ritchie Torres is Wrong About Puerto Rico

Letter sent to the New York Daily News in response to Ritchie Torres' July 14, 2020 Opinion Piece.


Mr. Torres’ column ignores that support for Puerto Rico statehood is as weak as ever and has been reinforced by unrealistic lies about what it would mean, oppression of freedom fighters and corruption. It incorrectly interprets data on plebiscites and dismisses sovereign alternatives. It ignores our character as an occupied nation; how the US would become a multinational state; and how statehood is not an economic plan for Puerto Rico. We do not want to become another oppressed US minority. Imposed US Citizenship was never meant to be an extension of equality. Decolonization is not the absorption of a people by its colonial power. His column is a continuation of the long history of erasure of Puerto Rican history. It is at best ignorant, at worst ethnocentric. Torres should publicly recant.
Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora (BUDPR) - July 15, 2020

BUDPR's additional explanation: Statehood is not a decolonizing option. Integration, which is legal, is not the same thing as annexation, which is not. Integration is when a people which is separated by an international border is united. Annexation is when a metropolis absorbs another country. This second situation, of annexation, is what statehood would do to Puerto Rico and it is forbidden by International Law. If you want to learn more this short article -in Spanish titled "Integration vs. Annexation"- explains it very well.