Why Do Wealthy Americans Want Special Treatment in Puerto Rico? The Reality of Act 60 - Diaspórica: El Podcast

In this episode of Diaspórica: El Podcast, BUDPR president Alberto Medina and Iris Figueroa of the Center for Popular Democracy discuss the tax incentives attracting wealthy Americans to Puerto Rico.

Official episode description:

In this episode we discuss the controversial Act 60 created to suit the needs of wealthy Americans in Puerto Rico. Their supporters claim it is boosting Puerto Rico's economy while others advocate for the derogation of the law. For this discussion, we have Iris Figueroa from the Center of Popular Democracy (CPD) and Alberto Medina from Boricuas Unidos en la Diaspora (BUDPR). CPD is currently involved in a campaign calling for the derogation of the law while BUDPR is supporting this campaign while also educates around the issue of colonialism being the root cause for the government creating such laws that cater to wealthy Americans but not the average Puerto Rican. We ask Iris and Alberto about the claim Act 60 is boosting the economy and how true it is, as some of Act 60 advocates say, that most beneficiaries are Puerto Ricans.