Veteran Advocates for Puerto Rico's Freedom

Antonio Camacho, Esq., a BUDPR Collaborator and Veteran wrote to "The Hill" to answer a condescending opinion column favoring statehood for Puerto Rico:     Continue reading

Ritchie Torres is Wrong About Puerto Rico

Letter sent to the New York Daily News in response to Ritchie Torres' July 14, 2020 Opinion Piece.   Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Support NO from the Diaspora

Diasporas are essential in all freedom movements. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, was a diaspora American living and working abroad in London and Paris advocating for and supporting American interests and independence.   Continue reading

7 reasons why the COVID-19 stimulus package is not a ‘gift’ for Puerto Ricans

After weeks of deliberation and uncertainty, the current administration recently announced that direct cash payments to combat the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will also apply to many low-income residents living in Puerto Rico, a modern U.S. colony in the Caribbean.   Continue reading

Mr. Farrow is Wrong about Puerto Rico

Mr. Jeffrey Farrow’s twelve tweets, of February 9, 2020 [Link] show a lack of an understanding of Puerto Rico and contains errors of fact. They are not coherent as to what he appears to suggest are solutions and misrepresent what we did through the entire week.   Continue reading

Successful Week at United Nations' HQ in New York City

Dr. Julio Ortiz Luquis, BUDPR's International Relations Adviser, presented our organization's position on the colonial status of Puerto Rico before the UN's Special Committee on Decolonization on June 24, 2019. He joined more than 50 other petitioners in highlighting the continuing injustice of Washington's colonial treatment of Puerto Rico. Julio's speech capped a week in which two of our co-founders held meetings with various diplomatic missions in New York to garner support for our nation's self-determination and independence.   Continue reading

A Quest for Real Change

Unless you have been at a silent retreat or hidden under a rock, you are well aware of the scandals that have transpired during the last couple of weeks in Puerto Rico. Actions are louder than words and the recent corruption charges brought to leaders within the administration of Ricardo Rosselló, coupled with Rosselló’s true character, as revealed through exchanges with members of his cabinet, show how little the administration cares about Puerto Rico’s development. These unfortunate, unjust, and unacceptable actions become prominent when public decisions are made behind closed doors.   Continue reading

Ensuring Proper Evidence Gathering From Mobile Devices Involved in Rosselló’s Telegram Scandal

We are concerned that per press reports, some of the mobile devices that were involved in the TelegramGate scandal may have passed through the Puerto Rico Department of Justice, but have not been retained there. (See “Primera declaración jurada que establece la posibilidad de delito en el #TelegramGate” alluding to the second paragraph of page 4 of this “Orden de Allanamiento para el teléfono de Raúl Maldonado.”)We are also concerned that authorities might be too focused on the Telegram App and are knowingly or unknowingly being too lax with other potential sources of chat evidence.   Continue reading