Pro-Independence Group Protests in DC as Power 4 Puerto Rico Blasts Biden for Broken Promises

  Some protesters played percussion instruments while others held a large black banner that read “USA OUT OF PUERTO RICO, END COLONIALISM AND OCCUPATION, YANKI GO HOME.” Another banner read “STATEHOOD = COLONIALISM,” while still other protesters held placards reading “NO TO STATEHOOD” and featuring the original flag of Puerto Rico—the current, colonial flag of Puerto Rico was designed to match the U.S. flag.   Continue reading

America Is Undemocratic While Puerto Rico Remains a Colony

  That word —colony— strikes many Americans as hyperbolic, but it’s accurate. While Puerto Ricans have some measure of self-government, the Constitution affords Congress plenary power over Puerto Rico. The infamously racist Insular Cases, which remain the law of the land, define Puerto Rico as “a territory appurtenant and belonging to the United States, but not a part of the United States.”   Continue reading

Puerto Rico's democratic process deserves self-determination

  This apathy and inaction must end: the United States has a moral responsibility to end its political subjugation of Puerto Rico. To that end, Congress should pass H.R. 2070, the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act (PRSDA), which would establish an inclusive and transparent decolonization process that respects Puerto Ricans’ rights, nationhood and identity.   Continue reading

Una organización de puertorriqueños en Estados Unidos se opone a la extensión del SSI por considerar creará más “dependencia”

Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora exhortó a líderes del Congreso a crear una comisión estadounidense-puertorriqueña que proponga alternativas para descolonizar a Puerto Rico.   Continue reading

Puerto Rico Independence Supporters March in 9 US Cities

  On Sunday, independence advocates for Puerto Rico held marches in nine U.S. cities, calling for what organizers said was “a resounding rejection of annexation and demanding decolonization.”   Continue reading