‘We’re Literally Fighting For Our Lives.’ A New Political Movement Emerges Outside Puerto Rico’s Two-Party System

“For the newer generations, all of their life what they have seen is Puerto Rico in an economic recession,” says Edil Sepúlveda Carl, a lawyer based in the Washington D.C. area who engages with the federal government on issues of Puerto Rican self-determination. Continue reading

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Call for Reversal of Puerto Rico Austerity Measures

  Thirteen members of Congress signed a letter demanding that the Puerto Rico fiscal oversight board, known as “la junta,” disclose its conflicts of interest.   Continue reading

Stateside Puerto Ricans, who responded to island protests, are still vigilant

“It didn’t matter where we were standing in the world,” Ricky Flores of New York said. “There was something happening in Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans responded.” When protesters in Puerto Rico started the #RickyRenuncia movement, the diaspora was quick to answer the call to action. Continue reading