Puerto Rican Constitutional Law Scholars Refute Baseless Letter Written by Law Professors who Justify the Perpetuation of American Imperialism Upon Puerto Rico

In a gross oversimplification and exercise in obfuscation, today a group of American Professors -only one of whom has written serious articles on Puerto Rico- made public a well-drafted but intellectually defective letter to favor Statehood, where conclusions are reached but no explanations given.  Continue reading

Self-Determination Movement Builds up Steam

 100 + GROUPS, LEADERS RALLY FOR ‘PUERTO RICO SELF-DETERMINATION ACT’PR University Professors and Local leaders, Municipal Resolutions, Color of Change and SunriseMovement DC among growing surge of support for Puerto Ricans to chart their own future Continue reading

Going deeper: Reps. Nydia Velázquez and Ocasio-Cortez insist Puerto Rico self determination is the only way

  Joined by 52 co-sponsors, a bill by Rep. Soto and Gonzalez-Colón would have Congress accept the non-binding referendum’s results. If passed, the next step would be to hold a ratification vote by the people of Puerto Rico to accept admission into the United States.    Continue reading

Contrarrestan iniciativa anexionista del gobierno boricua en EE.UU.

  Varias organizaciones contrarrestaron hoy la ofensiva impulsada por el gobierno de Puerto Rico en el Congreso de Estados Unidos a favor de la anexión.   Continue reading

‘We’re Literally Fighting For Our Lives.’ A New Political Movement Emerges Outside Puerto Rico’s Two-Party System

“For the newer generations, all of their life what they have seen is Puerto Rico in an economic recession,” says Edil Sepúlveda Carl, a lawyer based in the Washington D.C. area who engages with the federal government on issues of Puerto Rican self-determination. Continue reading